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Advanced Design Optimization (ADO), LLC offers engineering services by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-based design optimization technology for medical devices, green energy, turbomachinery, and other industrial products.

Our CFD/FEA-based design technology integrates our proprietary automatic mesh generators, 3D inverse and direct design tools, parameterized geometry models, target functions, and hemolysis and thrombosis models with CFD software, such as ANSYS® and OpenFOAM etc.

The mission of ADO is to provide innovative CFD/FEA-based design optimization technology, simulations, and modeling to help our clients to develop high-quality products with greatest performance, cost-effectively in the shortest possible time.

December 2, 2016     Dr. Jingchun Wu coauthored a paper published in Nature/Scientific Reports.....
April 15, 2020     ADO LLC was celebrating its 10th anniversary, Since our founding in April 2010, we have helped numerous customers solve their complex engineering issues and optimize their products......
June 15, 2018     ADO LLC made the presentation at ASAIO 64th Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA......
What is new?
We can perform transient CFD simulations with constant or pulsatile inflow conditions. The transient flow simulation as shown on the video above demonstrates the rotor-stator interactions and the instantaneous variations of hemolysis with time predicted by Eulerian method for a ventricular assist device (VAD).
In colleberation with our Partner, Dr. Yun Wang, at Univeristy of California, Irvine (UCI), we can perform transient multiphase flow CFD simulations in fibrous and micro channels using volume of fluids (VOF) method.
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