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About ADO

Dr. Jingchun Wu founded ADO LLC in 2010 while he was working as a Director with LaunchPoint Technologies Inc. and Chief Scientist with Gravity Power. Dr. Wu is a recognized expert in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), and optimization design. He has extensive industrial and academic experience in medical devices, turbomachinery, hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, and information science. Since 2001, he has served as Senior Mechanical Engineer, Chief Scientist, and Director of Fluids Engineering for LaunchPoint, where he has played a lead role in the design and development of various turbodynamic ventricular assist devices (VAD), such as the Levacor , PediaFlow MiFlow and many other VADs for children and adults. After founding ADO LLC, he has further developed numerous adult and pediatric LVADs, RVADs, percutaneous VADs, and Total Hearts for customers all over the world.

 In 2009, Dr. Wu also joined Gravity Power LLC, formerly known as LaunchPoint Innovations LLC, where he has been responsible for the design and optimization of the pump turbines for energy storage.


Dr. Jingchun Wu

Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. in Information Science from Nagoya University, Japan, his Master of Science degree in Hydraulic Engineering from Tsinghua University, and his BSME from Jiangsu University, China. Prior to joining LaunchPoint, he worked for the Changjiang Water Conservancy Committee, China, designing facilities for hydro power stations. In addition, as an assistant professor in the Department of Power Engineering at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Dr. Wu focused on the optimal design of turbomachinery, cavitation, and CFD. He managed the design and development of high-performance hydro-turbines and reversible pump-turbines at the Division of Thermal & Hydroelectric Systems, Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan. Dr. Wu also contributed to the development of Eulerian multi-phase flow codes for the lead commercial CFD software Star-CD (Now Star-CCM), at CD-Adapco in London. As Senior Research Mechanical Engineer for Newport Medical Instruments, Inc. (acquired by Covidien, and later by Medtronic ), he led the development and optimization design of respiratory ventilators.

Dr.  Wu has 3 patents and has authored over 50 publications in his field. He has served as an Editorial Board member for two internationally-circulated, peer-reviewed journals: The American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) Journal and Artificial Organs, for which he still serves.

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