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With the advancement of numerical methods and computer technologies, the solutions of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) have become quite accurate from an engineering point of view. Both FEA and CFD have been widely used almost in every industrial field to assess the performance of products, analyze and predict failures. For many tiny implantable medical devices, FEA and CFD can offer an inexpensive and rapid means of examining the detailed structural behavior and flow field that would otherwise be very expensive, painstaking, and sometimes impossible through in-vitro testing. When FEA and CFD software are integrated with automatic mesh generators, 3D direct and inverse design algorithms, parameterized mathematical geometry models, and target functions, they can become a powerful tool in automatic or semi-automatic design optimizations. Our advanced CFD/FEA-based design optimization is such an integrated system, which can provide a far more rapid and efficient means of optimization than traditional trial-and-error approaches and other methods.


Mesh generation is one of the most important tasks in the CFD/FEA-based design optimization process. The quality of a mesh directly affects the accuracy and convergence rate of CFD/FEA simulations. Our proprietary automatic elliptic mesh generators can quickly generate 2D or 3D multi-block structured high-quality grids (in terms of orthogonality angle, expansion factor, and aspect ratio) featured with boundary orthogonality, local clustering around bodies, and complete continuity at block-to-block interfaces. Such grids especially allow for the accurate CFD prediction of complex flow in the boundary layers adjacent to the wall surfaces.


Our proprietary 3D direct and inverse design tools with parameterized mathematical geometry models, for instance, can quickly create or compute the shapes of impeller and stator blades, and other components of a turbo-machine. The designed models can be exported directly to our automatic mesh generators to generate the CFD/FEA mesh. This 

dramatically improves the efficiency of communication between CAD and the numerical analysis.


Our state-of-the-art CFD/FEA-based design optimization is further enhanced by the integration of target functions, which directly link the performance parameters of a design to those of geometry, thus greatly facilitating and expediting the iterative process of optimization. For blood pumps and other medical devices delivering blood, the integrated blood damage models by Lagrangian or Eulerian methods can help customers to accurately evaluate shear-induced hemolysis.






















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