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We have many years of experience and expertise in CFD/FEA-based design optimization. With our proprietary automatic mesh generators, 3D inverse/direct design tools, parameterized geometry models, and target functions integrated with internally developed CFD software or commercial packages, ADO offers very fast and efficient design optimization process for our clients to guarantee a high-quality design with greatest performances. Our optimized geometry models can be converted into any CAD formats such as SolidWorks and Pro-E. Our revolutionary design optimization technology can be applied to, but not limited to the medical devices and industrial products as in the following:












Design Optimization
Medical Devices 

Blood Pumps (VADs)

Air Pumps/Blowers for Respiratory Ventilators

Pumps for Delivery of Drugs

Pumps for Other Artificial Internal Organs

Artificial Heart Valves





Green Energy

Hydro-Turbines and Pump-Turbines

Wind Turbines

Tidal Turbines





Industrial Pumps

Industrial Compressors

Industrial Turbines






We offer services of general CFD analysis for all types of medical devices, bioengineering, and all other fields of industries with Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluids and incompressible or compressible fluid flows:

Mesh Generation: Our Proprietary Automatic Elliptic Mesh Generator for High-Quality Structured Grids

Steady-State and Transient Flow Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Blood Damage Evaluation for Blood Pumps and Other Blood-Delivery Systems

Multiphase Flows

Heat Transfer for Fluids and Solids




ADO provides engineering services of structural FEA for medical devices, bioengineering, and other industrial products:


Linear Static Analysis to Provide Stresses and Deformations

Fatigue Analysis

Modal Analysis to Determine Vibration Characteristics

Transient Nonlinear Analysis Involving Dynamic Effects and Complex Behaviors

Thermal Analysis

Electronic and Electromagnetic Analysis


Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI)

ADO also provides FSI simulations for the conditions where the fluid and structure have strong interactions such as caused by pulsating flow, shedding vortices, closing or opening of a valve or vibration of a structure, etc. Special cases include, but not limited to the following:



Blood Flow in Aneurysms

Blood Flow in Artificial Heart Valves

Blood Pumps

Wind and Tidal Turbines

Hydro-Turbines, Pumps and Pump-Turbines

Aerospace Engineering

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